Tuesday, 19 August 2014

T o p 10 A n d r o i d p p s - U s e f u l f o r S t u d e n t s

T o p  10  A n d r o i d  A p p s - U s e f u l  f o r  S t u d e n t s

The Android OS is a great one and there are plenty of them for students. The apps on this list are all great for helping students in their academic careers. It would have been unfair to rank the apps in any way, as many of them do very different things. So, the list is in no particular order. It is filled with apps that students are going to find particularly useful.
1 - Quickpedia
This is a free app that will give you access to the Wikipedia website on your Android phone. It allows for very swift searching and allows you to read Wikipedia pages on your Android without having to use your mobile web browser. The interface also allows you to see the text more clearly.
2 - Speed Reading Trainer
This is an app that teaches students how to speed read. It is not really a healthy method of reading, as many people make mistakes if they speed read by default. However, in our day and age it is a very time consuming activity if you have to research at a regular reading rate. This app will teach a student how to speed read in the most efficient manner possible.
3 - Studydroid
This is a flashcard building and using app. It allows the user to create packs of flashcards on their phone. The cards will flash up in a random order. The creation process is very simple and straightforward. A lot of people also say that the swipe function being used to finish the cards is a great motivator.
4 - Oxford Grammar and Punctuation
Learning this sort of thing is going to give the student a good advantage in the future. The student is going to be expected to write a lot of essays, and even an essay for a drama class is going to have to have correct grammar and punctuation. Therefore, this app is going to help the student excel in more than just his or her English studies. There are over 250 grammar and punctuation questions for you to play with.
5 - Merriam Webster Dictionary
This is a dictionary app that is good for students to have handy. It is better and more efficient than looking online to find out what a word means. They may simply check their dictionary instead for a real and accurate answer to what the word they are looking at means. It also has a voice search function for just in-case the user cannot spell the word.
6 - Math Formulary
This is an app for students who have difficulties with math. It is a good resource for just about any mathematical graphic used in schools, including the classic multiplication table. The charts on the app are there to make the subject a little more clear in the eyes of the student. It is divided into a number of sections, including Basic Arithmetic, Analysis, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Logic and Analytical geometry.
7 - Socrative Student
This application is one that may be used in class or may be used with a bunch of friends. One person runs the app and the others are the students within the game. They are asked questions by the person running the game and the other people have to answer the questions on their Androids. The person who gets the highest score is the winner.
8 - Personal Finance
This is a personal finance app that is going to help students organize and arrange their money a little bit better.  The user is better off programming the app for upcoming bills, expenditures and income. It is better than programming it with your real bank details, as you cannot be sure of its security.
9 - Evernote
This is a famous app because it is used by so many people. It is an app that allows people to take down notes and organize them in the categories of their choosing. You can create and edit your notes, and you can take voice memos or even save pictures if you wish. You can save your notes to the cloud and you can sync your documents with your Cloud accounts so that you can use your notes on other devices.
10 - Studious
This is an  Android app that allows students to plan their week. It allows you to set a planner so that you can be reminded of when coursework needs to be handed in, or when a test is due. It is also an app that will allow you to save your notes. You can also program the app to go into silent mode when you enter a classroom by programming it with the times of all your classes and such.