Thursday, 7 March 2013

Android Mobile-Managing How Applications uses memory

You’ve probably been busy downloading all of the cool 10 cent apps from Android Market, so it’s a good thing that your Android device automatically manages how it uses memory and other resources! But there may be times that you want to know and control how apps are using the memory on your phone, and you can do this by utilizing the ‘Manage applications’ screen:

To access the Manage applications screen, press ‘Home’ > ‘Menu’ > ‘Manage apps’, or open the Settings application and touch ‘Applications’ > ‘Manage applications’ (for Android 4.0, you can access similar options by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’). Touch an application to gather more details about it as well as options for managing it.

The screen has tabs where you can uninstall apps you don’t need, stop them, or clear their data: touch the ‘Downloaded’ tab to view apps you’ve downloaded from Market and elsewhere, the ‘All’ tab to see all of the applications installed on your phone, the ‘USB storage’ or ‘SD card’ tab (depending on your model of phone) to view applications installed in those locations, and the ‘Running’ tab to view applications that are running or cached.