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Configuring Hibernate ORM Tool with Eclipse Helios


Configuring Hibernate with 

Eclipse Helios

Create a java project
Step 1:

Step 2:
Type java in the wizards

Step 3:
Give the Name as Hibernate3.0


And click finish For installation unzip the downloaded files.
Now configure Eclipse with Hibernate

Create the user libraries to the project

Click on Windows -> preferences, type User and select User Libraries

Create a new User Library

Give Name of Library for Example (Hibernate 3.0) and say OK

In that library add all the jar files.  (Make sure you select Hibernate 3.0)

Go to Hibernate distribution folder and select hibernate3.0.jar,

Select in lib->required folder select select all the files,

Again go to lib -> bytecode -> cglib -> cglib-2.2.jar

Select Hibernate Annotations -> hibernate-annotations.jar

Hibernate Annotations -> lib -> ejb3-persistence.jar and 

Hibernate Annotations -> lib -> test -> slf4j.log4j12.jar and log4j.jar

Totally there will be 13 jar files

You have created the user library, now integrate user library with Eclipse

Select JEE or JAVA perspective, on the project click on properties, select java build path,

Under that select libraries, click on Add Library (on right)

Select User Library & click next

select Hibernate3.0(which is created)

Now you should see Hibernate Library into your project.

Next you have to configuration with Database and Hibernate

We have to use hibernate configuration file we need (hibernate.cfg.xml) file, this will help us to make the connection between Hibernate and Database

We can copy from the existing downloads of Hibernate Distribution, goto Project, select some tutorials, src, main, resources, and you find the file.(hibernate.cfg.xml, copy both

Right click on the src folder on your eclipse project and paste on that.

Now open hibernate.cfg.xml, and now we have to configure, goto source

In the file find for the property tag with “connection .driver_class” and chage the Class name which you have, and same for URL, UserName, Pwd

To find the dialect -> goto userlibrary, Hibernate3.0, and you see that it will be some where in org.hibernate.(some thing),  in hibernate3.jar you will find the dialect matching your Database, and type the same in the file.

And make an entry in the configuration file In current_session_context_class as thread And rest keep it as it is Comment the code property (because we will create the database) And mapping resources as well since we will use our own mappings (annotations).

Note: To comment select the text and go to source and add Block Comment or ctrl+shift+/

End of configuration.
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