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               ANDROID interview questions

(Test your ANDROID skills!)

Q1.What is an Android?

Q2. Why cannot you run standard Java bytecode on Android?
Q3. Can you deploy executable JARs on Android? Which packaging is supported by Android?
Q4. Android application can only be programmed in Java?
Q5. What are Dalvik Executable files?
Q6. How does Android system track the applications?
Q7. How does an application run in isolation from other applications?
Q8. When does Android start and end an application process?
Q9. How can two Android applications share same Linux user ID and share same VM?
Q10. Is it okay to change the name of an application after its deployment?
Q11. What needs to be done in order to set Android development environment where Eclipse IDE is to be used?
Q12. Define Android application resource files?
Q13. Which dialog boxes can you use in you Android application?
Q14. Define Activity application component.
Q15. Can an Android application access files or resources of another Android application?
Q16. An Android application needs to access device data e.g SMS messages, camera etc. At what 
stage user needs to grant the permissions?
Q17. How will you launch an Activity within you application?
Q18. How can your application perform actions that are provided by other application e.g. sending 
Q19. What attribute values should be localized?
Q20. Write code snippet to retrieve IMEI number of Android phone.
Q21. How will you call a subactivity? Write code.
Q22. Name the resource that is a compiled visual resource and can be used as a background, title, 
or in other part of the screen.
Q23. What is an Action?
Q24. How will you pass data to sub-activities?
Q25. Where will you declare your activity so the system can access it?
Q26. Where can you define the icon for your Activity?
Q27.Knowledge on AndroidManifest file, For example: Why do we need this file, What is the role of this file in Android app development. 
Q28.Different Kinds of Intents 
Q29.Different Kinds of Context 
Q30.Different Storage Methods in android 
Q31.Kinds of Log debugger and Debugger Configuration 
Q32.How to debug the application on real device. 
Q33.How do you ensure that the app design will be consistent across the different screen 
Q34.Thread concepts also plus points as we deal with the treads more. 
Q35.Can you able to build custom views and how? 
Q36.How to create flexible layouts, For example to place English, Chinese fonts. 
Q37.What is localization and how to achieve? 
Q38.What are 9-patch images 
Q39.How to avoid ANR status 
Q40.How to do Memory management 
Q41.What is onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState), Have you used savedInstanceState when and 
Q42.Fragments in an Activity? 
Q43.When to use a service? 
Q44.How to use a broadcast receiver and register it both in the manifest and in code Intent filters 
Q45.The types of flags to run an application? 
Q46.How to do data intensive calculations using threads? 
Q47.Passing large objects (that can't be passed via intents and shouldn't be serialized) via a service 
Q48. The Activity life cycle is must. Different phases of Activity Life cycle. For example: when and how the activity comes to foreground?

 Q49.Describe the APK format. 

Q50.Explain the Architecture of android ? 

Q51.How is nine-patch image different from a regular bitmap? 

Q52.What is a resource? 

Q53.How to start a browser instance with some url ?     

Q54.What is a Broadcast receivers?
Q55.Can an application be started on powerup? 
Q56.What are the steps that are involved in converting the android in newer version? 
Q57.What is the role of compatibility that is used in Android? 
Q58.What are the different forms of communication provided by the Android applications? 
Q59.What are the multimedia features involved in making Android popular?

Q60.What are the services that can be allowed to run in a single process?

Q61.What are the different modes of operations used in services for Android?

Q62.What is the main reason of using process lifecycle in Android?

Q63.How all the activities that are running run in main thread?

Q64.What are the different approaches that are required to share the objects?

Q65.What are the approaches required to share persistent user-defined objects?

Q66.What is the procedure to check status of an activity in Android?

Q67.Write a program to show the addition and removing of the package.

Q68.What are the security measures that are taken to make Android secure?

Q69.Which are the different tags that are required to create reusable user interface that include the layout?

Q70.Write a program that shows the creation of reusable user interface that includes the layout.

Q71.What are the methods to avoid memory leaks in Android?

Q72.What are the steps required to avoid context related memory leaks?

Q73.What are the steps required in setting up the linkify calls intent?

Q74.How to select more than one option from list in android xml file? Give an example.
Q75.What is needed to make a multiple choice list with a custom view for each row?

Q76.What are the dialog boxes that are supported in android? Explain.

Q77.Explain about the exceptions of Android.

 Q78.What is the TTL (Time to Live)? Why is it required?

Q79.What is .dex extension 

Q80.what is sticky intent?

Q81.What languages does Android support for application development?    

Q82.Does Android support the Bluetooth serial port profile? 

Q83.How will you record a phone call in Android? How to get a handle on Audio Stream for a call in Android?   

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